playlist 06/08/08

June 8, 2008

…the return of rocksteady stalwarts The Termites to my collection, some great Upsetters 7″ singles in hour two, and a guest appearance by Michael Franti…

Marcus Junior – The Skatalites
Matilda – Prince Buster
Special Event – Baba Brooks
Bongo Man – Bongo Man Byfield
Skaravan – Skatalites
Any Time – Joe White & Chuck
The Teaser – Herman Marquis
You Left Me Standing – Laurel Aitken
I Don’t Want To Cry – Tony & Dennis
Mothers Choice – Lord Tanamo
Meet Me At Eight – The Creations
Go Back To Your Country Town – The Termites
Forest Gate Rock – Lester Sterling
Come Back – Derrick Morgan
In Like Flint – Good Guys
The Avenger – Tommy McCook
Splash Down – Crystalites
Let it Be Me – Slim Smith & Paulette
Spoogy – Lester Sterling
Twelfth Of Never – Pat Kelley
Tommy’s Dream – Tommy McCook
Sound Of War – Earl Chinna Smith
Solomon – Junior Murvin
Baby Hang Up The Phone – Lloyd Parks
Please Don’t Change – The Cords
Rockers Delete – Jackie Mittoo
Light Up Ya Lighter – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Give Me Power – King Iwah
Bathroom Skank – The Upsetters
Dub Fa Ya Rights – The Upsetters
Stay Dread – The Upsetters
Sinner Man Dub – Annette Clark
Kingdom Of Dub – The Upsetters
Dub Money – Danny Hensworth
Reggae Machine – Willie Lindo
Rock Spring – Willie Lindo
Farther East of Jack – Burning Spear
Fire from the Observer – Niney The Observer/King Tubby
Liquid Talk – Mabrak

A weekend shift @ the station with the Fake Owl

June 3, 2008

Right now, while we temporarily broadcast from the Entercom facility in Westlake Hills, we’re required to have a KOOPer on duty during the weekend for various and sundry reasons…

So: below are some pics of the Fake Owl during the Saturday night/Sunday morning shift at the station.

playlist 06/01/08 (partial)

June 1, 2008

…not sure what happened to the first hour’s list; unfortunately, I was pretty damn sick today, and frankly don’t even remember much of the show – hence the plethora of 12″ mixes… I’m going home now and getting a Gatorade IV drip stat…

Come Back Darling – Johnny Osbourne
Top Secret – Winston Wright
Wolf & Leopard/No Conscience – Dennis Brown & The Observer All Stars
Never Be Ungrateful – Gregory Isaacs
Freedom (extended mix) – Earl Sixteen
Materialist/Poor Man Style – Horace Andy & The Observer All Stars
Natty Dread Dub – The Revolutionaries
Just Like A Dub – Witty’s All Stars
Pow Wow – Dub Fanatic
Watch The Sound Of The Metal Dub – Scientist
She Want A Version – Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators
Double Struggle – The Musical Intimidators

playlist 05/25/08

May 25, 2008

…some days the show goes off like a professionally-choreographed ballet, or a well-played game of chess…

Other days, it’s more like spiraling into the ground at Mach 2, replete with Ralph Wiggum references. Oh, well…

(everybody’s hugging!)

Eastern Standard Time – The Skatalites
Wicked Lady – Lord Creator
Baba Brooks – Special Event
A5 Rough & Tough – Keith & Ken With The Jamaican Steel Band
Jordan River – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Come Back – Stranger & Patsy
Got My Boogaloo – Jackie Mittoo
Remember That Sunday – Alton & Phyllis
Owe Me No Pay Me – The Ethiopians
Long Days Short Nights – Dawn Penn
Evil Love – The Uniques
Pour On The Sauce – Soul Leaders
Winey Winey – Kingstonians
Cleopatra – The Tennors
Last Flight To Reggae City – Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson
The Rooster – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
Dulcimenia – The Dynamites
Little Roys – Bongo Nya
Go Find Yourself – The Techniques
Proud Feeling – The Rhythm Rulers
Who Cares – Clinton Fearon
Babylon Fall (12″) – Junior Ross
Reggae Rub A Dub – Lennie Hibbert
Promised Land – Dennis Brown
Really For A Reason – Junior Delgado
Pure Fire – Lloyd Charmers
Truth and Rights – Johhny Osbourne
Take a Ride Version – Various Artists
Crucial Attempt – Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson
Angolian Chant – Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson
Pegasus Rock – King Tubby
Viva Tirado – Dub Fanatic
Unconquered Dub – Israel Vibration
Everyone’s Dubbing – Niney and Friends
Everyday Love Dub – Culture Joseph Hill
H.I.M. Dub – Rockers All Stars
Is Whey Deh Money Dub – King Tubby’s/Larry Marshall

...tastes like burning...

playlist 05/18/08

May 18, 2008

…a tasty DJ version of the Melodians’ “Little Nut Tree,” and some Bobby Ellis instrumental/dub takes on two Gregory Isaacs standards from his classic album “Mr. Isaacs…”

Faberge – Baba Brooks & His Recording Band
Artibella – Jump With Joey
Divine Conception – The Skatalites
On The Move – Roland Alphonso
Never You Change – The Maytals
Hooligan Ska – The Wailers
20.75 – Roland Alphonso
Donna – The Blues Busters
Re-Burial – The Skatalites
Don’t Be A Rude Boy – The Rulers
J.J. Special – The Carib Beats
Rudies All Around – Joe White
Little Nut Tree – The Melodians
Creation Version – Unknown
Say Darling Say – The Melodians
Bangarang – Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling
Flight 404 – Maytones
You Should Have Known Better – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Good Ways – The Freetones
Them Laugh and a Kiki – Soulmates
Billy Goat – Maytones
Chain Gang – The Chosen Few
One More River – Clinton Fearon
Dreamland Version – Big Youth
Eye Of Danger – Michigan & Smiley
Summertime – BB Seaton
Day Dream Believer – Jackie Paris and Dennis Brown
Tears On My Pillow – Barrington Spence
Badder Dan Dem – Lone Ranger
Up Town Top Ranking – Althea & Donna
Three Piece Suit And Thing – Trinity
Angola Crisis – Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson
Riding Uptown – Bobby Ellis & The Professionals
Movements Of His Majesty – Bobby Ellis & The Professionals
Rock Steady Dub – The Aggrovators
Natural Mystic – Chalawa
You Lie Version – King Tubby’s/Larry Marshall

playlist 05/11/08

May 11, 2008

…so I warned you it might happen: they let me out of my cage, and I promptly went over the wire…

Big ups to Mark Leutwyler from KOOP’s Worldbeat (Sundays 4-5pm) for taking the helm as I enjoyed a well-deserved weekend off. Obviously, they recaptured me within a few days, but DAMN did I have some fun while I was on the outside – it was totally worth the 3 months in solitary.

Serious apologies to the KOOP Retrieval Team tasked with tracking me down and bringing me in – but in all fairness: they’d been briefed thoroughly, and should have known they were going to need more than tasers..

Art\'s on the loose - somebody call Tommy Lee Jones


playlist 05/04/08

May 4, 2008

…a Tubby-riffic bottom of the show, plus some of the great Justin Hinds roots release ‘Jezebel”…

Super Charge – The Skatalites
I Don`t Love You Anymore – Keith & Ken With The Jamaican Steel Band
Bad Minded Woman – Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites
Prince Buster – Faith
Ska Town – Don Drummond
Bridge View – Jazz Jamaica
Dahil Sayo – The Skatalites
The Saint – Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites
Scattered Lights – The Skatalites
Ska-Ta-Shot – The Skatalites
My Queen – Errol Dunkley
Love Me Forever – Errol Dunkley
How Could I – Ken Parker
The Whip – Soul Vendors
The Lecturer – Owen Gray
The Dynamites – I Did It
Suffer Me Not – The Spanishtonians
The Dynamites – Eternally
King Stitt – Fire Corner
Nana – The Slickers
Come Into My Parlour – The Bleechers
Clap Your Hands – The Crabs Corporation
Love Every One – Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis
All I Can Say (12″)- Love Joys
Spanish Town Rock – Prince Heron
African Home – Mudies All Stars
Yah Ho – The Viceroys (As The Inturns)
Club Raid – Max Romeo
Ling Tong Ting – Lloyd Charmer & The Hippy Boys
African Zulu – Lloyd Charmer & The Hippy Boys
What You Don’t Know – Justin Hinds
Spotlight – Justin Hinds
Crime Wave – King Tubby meets The Upsetter
300 Years at the Grass Roots – King Tubby meets The Upsetter
I Need a Dub – King Tubby
Dub 68 – King Tubby
Turntable Dub – King Tubby
Kingston 11 – King Tubby
Kutchie Dub – King Tubby

playlist 04/27/08

April 27, 2008

…dug out a great Alton Ellis compilation, plus finally laid my hands on a long sought-after dub album by the Rockers All Stars; closed out with Tappa Zukie’s “Escape From Hell”…

Safari – Raymond Harper
You Send Me – Jackie Opel
Dance Crasher – Alton Ellis
So Wonderful – Derrick & Naomi
Four Seasons Of The Year – King Edward All Stars
Loving Love – Patsy Todd
Ten Penny Nail – Upsetters
The Teaser – Herman Marquis
My Mama Told Me – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Reach Out I’ll Be There – Derrick Harriott
Taller Than You Are – Lord Tanamo
All My Tears (Come Rolling) – Alton Ellis
Rocksteady – Alton Ellis
No Dope Me Pony – The Pioneers
I’m The Winner – Roy Shirley
Tears on My Pillow – Derrick Morgan
That’s The Way You Like It – The Overtaker
The Cimaron Kid – Bad Day At Black Rock
Napoleon Solo – Peter
Full Charge – Gladstone Anderson
Jumping Jack – Jackie Mittoo
Dream Lover – Roy Richards
Nah Go Runnn – Vin Gordon & Upsetters
Think Twice – Delroy Williams
Champion Of The Arena – Jackie Mittoo
Story Come to Bump – Prince Jazzbo
Throw Away Your Gun – Prince Far I
Throw Away Yor Gun (Dub) – Prince Far I
Equal Rights Dub – Rockers All Stars
Fire Dub – Rockers All Stars
H.I.M. Dub – Rockers All Stars
Clean Sweep – Rockers All Stars
Money Dub – Rockers All Stars
Matches Lane Affair – Vin Gordon & Upsetters
Marching To Zion – Tappa Zukie
Double Struggle – Tappa Zukie
King Alpha In School – Tappa Zukie

playlist 04/20/08

April 20, 2008

…top of the first hour devoted to my favorite ska trumpeter, Baba Brooks (with sincere apologies to Johnny Moore); Culture was in town for the weekend, so obviously touched on a few from their catalog; plus a couple of tracks from that great Lenny Hibbert/Studio One record…

Boat Ride – Baba Brooks & The Skatalites
Hooligans – Baba Brooks with Count Lasher and Lyn Taitt
Portrait of My Love – Baba Brooks
Jam Session – Baba Brooks
Independence Ska – – Baba Brooks
Girl’s Town Ska – Baba Brooks
Melody Jamboree – Baba Brooks & Don Drummond
First Session – Baba Brooks
Don’t Leave Me – Baba Brooks & The Techniques
Bus Strike – Baba Brooks
Alcatraz – Baba Brooks
Breaking Up – Alton Ellis
Get Me to the Church on Time – Tommy McCook
Kansas City – Joya Landis
Love is All I Had – Phyllis Dillon
Stealing Vol. 2 – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
Moonlight Groover – Winston Wright
Tonight – John Holt
I’ll Be Lonely John Holt and Joya Landis
Super Bad – -J.D. The Rock
Only A Smile (Instrumental) – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
Maybe Some Day – Paragons
Mary Poppins – Tommy McCook
Snow Bird – Lennie Hibbert
Can’t Take My Mind Off You – Lennie Hibbert
How Can I Get Over – The Chantells
Guide I Jah – Ras Bull
Trench Town Rock – U-Roy
Lift Up Your Conscience – Israel Vibration
Power Of The Trinity – Augustus Pablo
This Train (extended mix) – Culture
Two Sevens Clash – Culture
Two Sevens Clash Version – Culture
Iron Sharp Dub – Culture
Harder Than The Rest Dub – Culture
Watergate Rock – King Tubby’s/Larry Marshall
Midnight Movie – Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson
Jungle Walk Dub – Harry Mudie/King Tubby
Freedom Call – Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson

playlist 04/13/08

April 13, 2008

…checking out, among other things: a good dose of Don Drummond, Cedric Im Brooks’ fantastic 1975 record “From Mento to Reggae to Third World Music,” and Augustus Pablo’s 1974 “Ital Dub”…

River Bank Parts 1 & 2 – Baba Brooks
Rocket Ship – Don Drummond
Twelve Minutes To Go – Tommy McCook
Alipang – Don Drummond
Don-De-Lion – Don Drummond
Eastern Star – Mr Symarip
Stampede – Don Drummond
Steaming – Cedric Im Brooks
Schooling The Duke – Cedric Im Brooks
Knockout Punch – Don Drummond
Sound Pressure – Soul Brothers
Just A Bit O’ Soul – Soul Vendors
Crying In The Rain – Pete Johnson
Wakie Wakie – Soul Brothers
Let’s Do Rock Steady – Cedric Im Brooks
Pressure And Slide – The Tennors
Jughead – Paula Dean & Nyah Shuffle
My Cup – Dave Barker meets the Upsetters
Skanky Children – Dave Barker meets the Upsetters
Give Me Little Sign – Owen Gray
Monkey Spanner – Dave And Ansel Collins
Mudie’s Groove – Gladstone Anderson & The Muddies
Satta Massa Gana – Cedric Im Brooks
Runaway Girl – U-Roy
Nowhere – Keith Hudson
Mind Your Business – Girlie
Solid Sounds – Jackie Bernard
Power Cut – Aubrey Adams & the Boys
Love Is A Treasure – Michael Scotland
A Game Called Love – Al Campbell
Jordan River – Burning Spear
Dread River – Burning Spear
Barbwire Disaster – Augustus Pablo
Curly Dub – Augustus Pablo
Hillside Airstrip – Augustus Pablo
Hill And Dub – Wailers All Stars
Land of the Father – Niney The Observer/King Tubby
I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali – Dr. Alimantado
Million Dollar Plan – Bigger T
Lambs Bread Dubwise – Glen Brown/King Tubby