playlist 04/13/08

…checking out, among other things: a good dose of Don Drummond, Cedric Im Brooks’ fantastic 1975 record “From Mento to Reggae to Third World Music,” and Augustus Pablo’s 1974 “Ital Dub”…

River Bank Parts 1 & 2 – Baba Brooks
Rocket Ship – Don Drummond
Twelve Minutes To Go – Tommy McCook
Alipang – Don Drummond
Don-De-Lion – Don Drummond
Eastern Star – Mr Symarip
Stampede – Don Drummond
Steaming – Cedric Im Brooks
Schooling The Duke – Cedric Im Brooks
Knockout Punch – Don Drummond
Sound Pressure – Soul Brothers
Just A Bit O’ Soul – Soul Vendors
Crying In The Rain – Pete Johnson
Wakie Wakie – Soul Brothers
Let’s Do Rock Steady – Cedric Im Brooks
Pressure And Slide – The Tennors
Jughead – Paula Dean & Nyah Shuffle
My Cup – Dave Barker meets the Upsetters
Skanky Children – Dave Barker meets the Upsetters
Give Me Little Sign – Owen Gray
Monkey Spanner – Dave And Ansel Collins
Mudie’s Groove – Gladstone Anderson & The Muddies
Satta Massa Gana – Cedric Im Brooks
Runaway Girl – U-Roy
Nowhere – Keith Hudson
Mind Your Business – Girlie
Solid Sounds – Jackie Bernard
Power Cut – Aubrey Adams & the Boys
Love Is A Treasure – Michael Scotland
A Game Called Love – Al Campbell
Jordan River – Burning Spear
Dread River – Burning Spear
Barbwire Disaster – Augustus Pablo
Curly Dub – Augustus Pablo
Hillside Airstrip – Augustus Pablo
Hill And Dub – Wailers All Stars
Land of the Father – Niney The Observer/King Tubby
I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali – Dr. Alimantado
Million Dollar Plan – Bigger T
Lambs Bread Dubwise – Glen Brown/King Tubby


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