playlist 04/27/08

…dug out a great Alton Ellis compilation, plus finally laid my hands on a long sought-after dub album by the Rockers All Stars; closed out with Tappa Zukie’s “Escape From Hell”…

Safari – Raymond Harper
You Send Me – Jackie Opel
Dance Crasher – Alton Ellis
So Wonderful – Derrick & Naomi
Four Seasons Of The Year – King Edward All Stars
Loving Love – Patsy Todd
Ten Penny Nail – Upsetters
The Teaser – Herman Marquis
My Mama Told Me – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Reach Out I’ll Be There – Derrick Harriott
Taller Than You Are – Lord Tanamo
All My Tears (Come Rolling) – Alton Ellis
Rocksteady – Alton Ellis
No Dope Me Pony – The Pioneers
I’m The Winner – Roy Shirley
Tears on My Pillow – Derrick Morgan
That’s The Way You Like It – The Overtaker
The Cimaron Kid – Bad Day At Black Rock
Napoleon Solo – Peter
Full Charge – Gladstone Anderson
Jumping Jack – Jackie Mittoo
Dream Lover – Roy Richards
Nah Go Runnn – Vin Gordon & Upsetters
Think Twice – Delroy Williams
Champion Of The Arena – Jackie Mittoo
Story Come to Bump – Prince Jazzbo
Throw Away Your Gun – Prince Far I
Throw Away Yor Gun (Dub) – Prince Far I
Equal Rights Dub – Rockers All Stars
Fire Dub – Rockers All Stars
H.I.M. Dub – Rockers All Stars
Clean Sweep – Rockers All Stars
Money Dub – Rockers All Stars
Matches Lane Affair – Vin Gordon & Upsetters
Marching To Zion – Tappa Zukie
Double Struggle – Tappa Zukie
King Alpha In School – Tappa Zukie


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